A traditional thru hiker is known as a Nobo or a Sobo, depending on whether they headed northbound or southbound to complete the hike. After the hike, a southbound thru hiker documents his/her accomplishment by signing

“Trail name”

ME >> GA, 2016 

My situation is a little more complicated than that. I started northbound from Georgia, but when I got off the trail in May, I “leap frogged” ahead to NJ, then I kept hiking north to Maine. Then I came back to Pennsylvania and “flip flopped” by heading southbound for 400 miles. When I get to Bland, VA in 4 days, I will have arrived at the spot that I left the trail on May 12. Then my plan is to “flip flop” again by heading northbound from Pennsylvania to NJ at which time I will have covered all 2189.4 miles.

If I am fortunate enough to accomplish that feat, I’ll be signing all important documents in this fashion




Here’s a couple from today

The Keffer Oak (white oak) – the oldest tree on the southern AT – estimated to be over 300 years old 

Your leap frogging flip flopper,



  1. Sally · October 15, 2016

    Fabulous photos!


  2. psrand2013 · October 13, 2016

    Judging by your last post, I think it would be more appropriate to characterize you as a BONOBO.


  3. Tom Schulz · October 13, 2016

    So for terminology to be correct we can name you a BOBO, as both-bound or the more recognized Bourgeois Bohemian, cf Bobos in Paradise; but just maybe…….

    Nice going. I’ll bet you have gone against the grain many other times in your most interesting life. Continuing prayers and best wishes from Pennybyrn at Maryfield. Tom


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