Stump water and Buckeyes

A reliable source tells me that stump water is an effective treatment for rheumatism.

Haven’t tried it yet – even with my sore joints.

Also haven’t tried these yet

My tree guide identifies them as buckeyes and says they are poisonous to humans and other animals. I collected a few since they looked so “roastable”, but decided to keep a few only as souvenirs.

Rolled in to Pearisburg, VA today and was greeted with a landfill and a chemical plant

Had to cross the New River to get here 

I tend to prefer things up in the mountains

This was my favorite view of the day

So many things to see each day

Using my imagination, I saw a bull with a goatee

And a snub nosed turtle

Two more days in Virginia,


One comment

  1. Pat & Marty · October 16, 2016

    Love the turtle. Good eyes


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