Pennsylvania is a series of moderately tall ridges with valleys in between. The ridge tops are forested and they are very rocky with rocks that are not flat.

For me, the secret has been to slow down my pace and keep my eyes on the ground.

I do occasionally look up and found some nice tree images that you can look at and come up with own description.

I think this one is either a Sesame Street character or a baby walrus waiting for his tusks

I think this little elephant is my favorite.

I did stop and smell the roses a few times and found these interesting things.

Found this pretty fresh snake skin, but no snake.

I really liked this image which reminds me how beautiful Pennsylvania is.

Loving PA, rocks and all,


One comment

  1. Pat & Marty · October 25, 2016

    junco- you need to do your own book of friends in the forest. Really fun to see


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