Mostly Rocky

Well, I can’t say that every step is rocky, but pretty close

To be fair to the state of Pennsylvania, there have been some non-rocky sections

Saw some more “creatures” that Pat calls “forest friends”

One with a blowhole

One looking stern

T Rex?

One about to devour a log

A piranha?

Some seem kind of fiendish!!

As I my have mentioned, it’s hunting season and people in Pennsylvania love to hunt.

When I ran into Robey-Dobey heading south, I knew she wasn’t going to be mistaken for a deer.

Got a few views today:

And saw some nice stuff along the way:

Long shadows heading northeast in the evening:

Interstate 81

Tulip poplars sure are tall and straight

It is supposed to drop below 32 degrees tonight, and the only thing still in bloom in the forest is witch hazel

Trucking thru PA,


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