Wednesday – a dry fall day

Yesterday was a crisp fall day.

Hung out with my forest friends

Met another elephant

Two less clearly defined beasts

And had lunch with Jabba the Hutt

It had frosted the night before so the witchazel took a hit

I am perfecting the art of “reading the oak leaves”

Trying to pick out the rocks, which tend to be whiter

Sometimes it’s easy

Each morning I head out just before dawn and head northeast, with the sun coming in from the east

Some pretty views

Some less pretty

Another mountain laurel cluster

And a single one

A  really old historical site

An interesting birch tree that branched out and then the branch rejoined the trunk???

A few more

See the rope swing?

Enjoyed a nice fall day,



  1. Pat & Marty · October 28, 2016

    The elephant is fabulous. Glad you enjoyed your dry sunny day. Bet not so dry on this Thur. We have snow in Canaan.
    Carry On
    Pat & Marty


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