A chilly morning

Woke up to a still, cool morning in the high 30’s

Saw a very interesting salamander early in today’s walk

I ran across two more chestnut trees that were over 20 feet tall and had dropped chestnuts

Here’s some more from yesterday and today

Chugging along,



  1. Pat & Marty · October 29, 2016

    Looks like a Spotted Salamander. Great to see chestnut husks. The trees will die to the roots after growing a nut crop. Last gasp before the blight kills the above ground part of the chestnut.


  2. Sally · October 29, 2016

    The salamander is beautiful! We have been trying to find a day with fluffy clouds to enter a photo contest (for our new lamp posts). Now I know where all of the fluffy clouds are! Your photos are stunning!


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