Games people play

I’ve recently taken to lining up the white blazes to catch more than one in a photo.

In this next photo the two blazed trees are 50 feet apart

Today, I had the good fortune to capture 3 blazes on two separate occasions (zoom in on the first blaze to see the other two that follow)@

Sometimes things get slow on the trail…

These PA rocks continue to torture me

The Knife’s Edge was particularly treacherous

Other parts of the day were more routine

A healthy beech tree arching over the trail

The photo below reminds me that if the trail maintainers blaze an unhealthy tree, they can still salvage the critical portion of bark

Trying to love rocky trails,


One comment

  1. Sally · October 31, 2016

    Great job on the blazes! The Knife’s Edge looks ridiculous!


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