Winter high, spring low

Here’s where I sit as I write this – lots of sharp stuff

Straight up desert.

As I descended fro 6-7000 feet to 3000 feet, it became spring

Many cacti, too, like this fishhook barrel

And others

My favorites

Now I’m headed toward the Rincon Mountains and some big climbing

Best Life Ever,



  1. Paula Rand · March 24, 2019

    Yellow sega lilies?? Love the fairydusters!


  2. Pat · March 23, 2019

    As usual, great photos. Flower/cacti fabulous


  3. Sally D'Antonio · March 23, 2019

    Amazing! What is the temperature?


    • kevinhikes · March 23, 2019

      High 30’s at night- 60’s during the day- just perfect


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