Leaving the Rincon Mountains

Climbed up and over the 8000+ feet Rincons.

Up top it looked just like Flagstaff with horny toads and tall ponderosa pines and patchy snow

Then coming down, spring returned

Caught a nice sunset

The grasslands were beautiful

So many flowers

Heading to Tucson and a day of rest



  1. Marty · March 28, 2019

    Thank you Keven for the wonderful photos.Wish I could see the wonders that you see every day.Please keep sending us the breathtaking photos.God speed wish Pat & I where alongside you.Stay safe enjoy your trip.


  2. Sally D'Antonio · March 27, 2019

    Gorgeous sunset! What types of predatory animals do you need to avoid?


  3. Paula Rand · March 27, 2019

    The ocotillos look ready to burst! One good day of rain and that place will go crazy! Have a scone from Raging Sage for me!


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