Resupplying in Tucson today and it occurred to me that I hadn’t mentioned two pieces of gear that I’ve been using that are new on this AZT trip.

One is a small solar panel that sits on top of my backpack and charges a battery that keeps my cell phone and headlamp charged. Has worked great so far in keeping them running

The other is my new tent that weighs only one pound, and is supported by my trekking poles.

Trying to keep up on the latest trends,



  1. Donna R Perry · March 29, 2019

    Love the solar.


  2. David Vaughn · March 28, 2019

    I hope the Big Bad Wolf doesn’t come by or your tent is toast…


  3. · March 28, 2019

    Trekking poles! You must have read my mind.


  4. Sally D'Antonio · March 28, 2019

    So cool! Love the solar panel!


  5. Pat Liddle · March 28, 2019

    Excellent. Report on them at the end of your trip as well. Seem to be doing you well so far.


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