East Verde River and Pine, AZ

Did some rapid descending yesterday to get to the East Verde River, on of the main water ways in northern Arizona

The river valley is deep and beautiful

I spent most of the day wondering what parts of the higher elevations in AZ hadn’t burned to the ground in the last 20 years.

Much of the northern forest has been pushed to the sky islands and now even the sky islands are turning into new environments. Where are the ponderosa pines and the Douglas firs gonna go?

On the positive side the new growth has a beauty of its own

I love to find the beauty in nature and every day there is plenty

I shared my tent site with some agaves last night.

Now I’m in Pine, AZ fattening up

Let’s hear it for the great state of Arizona!!!



  1. Sally D'Antonio · April 16, 2019

    Kev, you have really outdone yourself with these photos! They are absolutely gorgeous!


  2. Pat Liddle · April 16, 2019

    Thank you for sharing your love of the journey. And have another milkshake!


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