Higher elevation

For most of the rest of the trip – except the bottom of the Grand Canyon, the weather will be cool and it will be early spring. Around Pine, AZ where I am now it still looks like the end of winter with a few signs of spring

This place is mostly mature oak and juniper and harbors a lot of wildlife.

Saw several deer and elk,and lots of bear poop, but no bears

Paula came down for a visit/hike yesterday and brought some Easter cheer – her infamous Easter coffee cake and a special treat

A few more from today

Paula also brought a bathroom scale and I weighed myself. After two 12 oz drinks and a 20 oz milkshake I weighed 132. I suspect my “straight off the trail” weight was less than 130. My usual weight is 145.

Soooo, I’m still in Pine fattening up, and getting ready to head out tomorrow. Paula brought me all kinds of good food, so I should be in good shape in the AM.

It’s hard to eat enough to keep up with my calorie consumption, so I’m cutting down on my miles and stopping more often in places where I can get real food.

Making some adjustments that will get me to Utah,


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  1. Sally D'Antonio · April 17, 2019

    You sure do have a great wife!

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